Welcome Home!

The Old Catholic Churches International works to provide a welcoming and spiritual presence in the world. It is our mission to carry the message of God’s love and the grace of His sacraments to all. The shunned, mistreated and abandoned by mainstream Christianity are some of the people we aim to help. We welcome all to the altar of the Lord and exclude no one from full participation in the life of the church. We strive to work with all churches to fulfill the prayer of Christ “that all may be one.”

A new kind of church!

We are a welcoming Church that is Emergent and Catholic. A Church that holds true to that which makes us Catholic and Apostolic. Yet, we see that the Church must be a place where we make visible the Kingdom of God for ALL PEOPLE.

We are a Community of joy, celebrating each person as a special gift of God and a cherished treasure of the Church. Our church looks for Jesus in the least, the lost and the forgotten, while seeking first the Kingdom of God. It is our call to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, and comfort the lonely. This is our faith in action!

Apostolic Succession

The Old Catholic Churches International holds valid Apostolic Succession. We can trace our succession through many lines back to the Apostles. As a church, we have significant ties with the historic Old Catholic movement. We are a self-governed church that strives to build up the Kingdom of God one person at a time.